Growing a Great Lawn


What is the secret to a great lawn?


A uniform green healthy lawn is something many people strive for and the secret comes down to fertilising regularly and adequately with lawn fertiliser, in conjunction with regular watering. Fertiliser lowers the pH of the soil which simply means the grass grows better than the weeds. Established lawns should be fertilised every 4-5 weeks from October until Christmas (avoiding the hot summer months), recommencing from late February until late April. If you are considering laying a new lawn, it’s important to choose grass that will suit your lawn’s function and soil type. In terms of function consider; pet use, will children play on it, will it be used as a thoroughfare or just admired? Your soil type also plays a major part; is it free draining or waterlogged - you may need to improve the drainage first. To create an attractive, durable lawn all year round it’s a good idea to mix grass seeds, as some do well in summer and others do well in winter. Your local garden centre can advise the type of grass that suits your needs and climate.
If your lawn has brown spots or is a bit patchy, repair by removing grass and soil around the infected area (at least 15cm beyond it). Add the new Daltons Premium Lawn Patching Gold to the area and water thoroughly. If patches are severe, another alternative although extreme, is to start from scratch and replace the entire lawn in autumn or spring - refer to our How to Guide below.