Fungal Growth in your Lawn!


I have a front lawn where the grass in the centre has died and even with lots of watering is not growing back. Around the edges it’s growing and bright green, but not in the large area in the middle. What can I do to restore or resow the centre grass?


From your description, it would appear that there is fungal growth in your lawn, probably fusarium, which occurs when temperatures and humidity are high. The disease first appears as small irregular patches of yellow grass which later turn brown and die.

We suggest waiting for a few weeks before removing the soil from the infected area and then spreading clean topsoil over that area. Then sow with a mix of grasses eg: rye, fescue, or brown top. Mixing the grass species will ensure the lawn is looking healthy all 12 months of the year. Continue to irrigate your existing lawn until late April as now is excellent time for lawn growth.