Birds Picking at Weeds

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Birds Picking at Weeds

The blackbirds have been having a field day on our lawns picking at the weeds, which when you pull at them, the ground is bone dry. What can I use to fix this problem? 

Blackbirds can cause problems in gardens during spring as they forage for food and moisture. With the very dry weather, many birds are desperate for sources of water. Keeping birds off gardens or lawns not an easy task! Providing a bird bath as a source of water for visiting birds would be a good start. 

From your photo, the condition of your lawn’s soil and lack of drainage may also be causing problems. Treat the moss in your lawn by improving the drainage and spread Iron Sulphate on the moss infected area and water well. During summer, the moss will slowly disappear. Applications of Daltons Premium Lawn Fertiliser can also speed up the process and improve your lawn’s health. 

A successful lawn takes regular maintenance and fertilising. For established lawns, fertilise every 4-5 weeks from October till Christmas (avoiding hot summer months), recommencing from late February until late April. Ensure you have a good irrigation plan in place. You can repair and re sow lawn brown patches in spring or autumn with fresh Daltons Premium Lawn Patching Gold.

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