Fruit Tree Pests


My apple tree is growing but has insects inside the fruit. I found a black spot outside and after cutting, found an insect-like tunnel inside. Also, my peach tree this year has had little growth. Now the leaves have small holes and fruit is not growing. I’ve already cut down two peach trees and sprayed both trees with copper spray in winter but this did not stop the insects in my apple tree. 


All fruit trees are prone to various disease and insect attack. With careful care, it is possible to keep these problems to a minimum. Continue winter spraying of a copper compound and install an insect trap into your apple tree to help control what sounds like Codling Moth. Its larva burrows into the fruit and feeds. As trees get older they are invariably more robust and less prone to insect and fungal infection.

It is usually around three to five years before fruit trees are well established and commence fruiting regularly. They should be planted in well-drained soil to which compost is added at planting time, in a sheltered position that receives full sun throughout the year.

Trees should be fertilised in spring/early summer and then again in early autumn with Daltons Citrus & Fruit Fert. Mulching over summer months helps conserve water in the soil and reduce weed growth around trees.

The holes in leaves of your peach tree are of little or no consequence to the overall health of the tree. However, it is a good idea to continue winter spraying with a copper compound. This adds a protective layer and works as a preventative for a variety of fungal diseases.

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