Cats and Snails


How do I to stop cats digging up and doing their business in my garden, and how do I get rid of snails as they destroy/eat everything I plant, especially spinach, silverbeet and beans?


Treat snail problems with non-toxic pet and child friendly slug/snail pellets or try home made Beer Traps or the Barrier Method. Make beer traps by digging a small hole in the soil just big enough for a saucer or jar to fit, with the lip of the jar level with the ground. Fill the jar with ½ cup of beer; slugs and snails are attracted to the sweet liquid and will fall into the trap and drown. For the Barrier Method, place a barrier of crushed bark or shell around plants you want to protect. You can also head out at night with a flashlight, collect snails/slugs by hand, kill and throw them in the compost bin. 

There is no simple solution for your cat problem and you will need to take a multi pronged approach. Cats like easy places to go, so make it harder for them! Cut up bamboo sticks and place them in empty spaces around plants, then wrap string around and between the sticks, limiting areas cats can use. Add a good layer of Daltons Mulch & Grow on top of your garden; cats prefer soft soil and the tougher bark will not “feel” as nice. Try sprinkling whole peppercorns around the edge of the garden – the smell will discourage cats. If all else fails, erect a small fence around your garden and keep a water pistol handy to use on feline offenders!

Top Tip: Keeping a layer of Daltons Mulch & Grow on your garden also helps retain soil moisture and add nutrients back into the soil.