Healthy Buxus Hedge


What do I do to get my buxus hedge greener?


Often at the end of winter, Buxus plants have lost their deep green colour and can instead be a matte green with brown or yellow colourings; all indications of a lack of nitrogen.

It is almost impossible to over fertilise Buxus as they are considered a gross feeder (a plant that requires more fertiliser and nutrients to grow successfully) and therefore generous amounts of fertiliser should be applied. Buxus respond best to nitrogen based fertiliser applied in regular intervals during the growing season of mid-October to April.

It is possible to use a few different fertilisers as they have different delivery mechanisms (slow release etc) for nitrogen and other essential nutrients. Some fertilisers to try are; Daltons Premium Tree & Shrub, Daltons Controlled Release Fertiliser with 7in1 Organics and Daltons Big Value Blue Complete. Make sure that you water in well after any fertiliser application.

The addition of Daltons 7in1 Boosted Compost around the plant not only improves the organic matter of the existing soil, but also improves the colour of the leaves.

Ensure the plants are well watered during the summer months, as this guarantees the fertiliser is fully utilised by the plant.

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