Graden Hedges


I have just moved into a new place and would like to grow a tree/hedge along my back and side fence. The back fence has two fairly large trees right up close (in the neighbour’s) and the side fence has a tree too but not quite so near. I want something that will grow quickly, be hardy and reasonably easy to maintain.


Now is an ideal time to plant your hedge or trees. For Christchurch conditions, there are a few varieties that would suit. 


  • Laurus nobilis – ‘Bay Tree’. This is a hardy and compact evergreen that also provides bay leaves for cooking. It can be easily trimmed to a two, three or four metre hedge, or grown as a tree on its own. 
  • Photinia - ‘Red Robin’. A very attractive evergreen plant, with deep crimson new leaves in spring. Easy to grow, it prefers full sun but will still grow in dabbled light. Trim regularly to encourage a dense habit.
  • Prunus lusitanica – ‘Portuguese Laurel’. A large evergreen shrub or small tree, it can easily be pruned to form a dense hedge. It produces attractive white scented flowers in spring and is hardy in most conditions.

Always prepare the site for your new plants thoroughly by adding Daltons Compost to the existing soil before and at the time of planting.