Dealing with Liquefaction


My flower and vegetable gardens are affected by liquefaction brought on through the Christchurch earthquakes. How will this affect growing flowers and vegetables? What can you grow in this soil?


Unfortunately there is little that will grow in liquefaction. You also don’t know what is in the liquefaction itself that has been brought to the surface. It would be a safer option to ignore the liquefaction and build up above it. You can use planter boxes, raised planters or rocks/bricks etc and build above the ground by at least 20-25cm.
Then fill your planter boxes or area with Daltons Premium Garden Mix along with compost,  mixing them in well. This will take away the uncertainty of attempting to grow in a garden seriously affected by liquefaction. After planting add a good layer of mulch around your plants to suppress weeds and conserve moisture, especially in summer.