Growing Green Lawns


What’s the best way to get a lovely green lawn? We have tried seeding and feeding but just get loads of dandelions everywhere. 


Preparation, sowing and long-term maintenance are all key to producing a high-quality lawn. As the air in summer is full of small seeds including weed species (especially dandelion seed which is quite minute), keeping a lawn weed-free is a challenge!

Dandelions (and other weeds) can either be physically removed from the lawn by hand or sprayed at first sight with an organic weed killer where fatty acids are the active ingredient. Unfortunately, this means it will kill your surrounding grass as well as the offending dandelion. Fortunately, most organic herbicides come in compact, small, trigger container so it is possible to just spray the dandelion itself.

At the same time as spraying, maintain your lawn by fertilising and mowing it regularly to create a dense thatch of grass that will reduce the possibility of dandelions popping up in your lawn.

Apply lawn fertiliser from spring through till mid-summer, and then again from late summer through to autumn are very important. Not only does the fertiliser encourage strong grass growth, but it also lowers the P.H of the soil, creating conditions that are favourable for grass species. As a last resort, remember there are lawn specialists - and turf culture is their business and what they can achieve is often quite remarkable. For more information read Questions and Answers on lawn diseases and weeds.

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