Expanding your lawn


I’m trying to update my front yard by growing a bit of grass. What is the best way to sow grass seeds? Also, when is the best time to do it and do I need any special top soil? 


Right now is an ideal time to sow grass seeds because the soil is still warm and there is regular rainfall to ensure an even germination of the grass seed. If the area to extend your lawn is large, it would be advisable to bring in 1-2 cubic metres of top soil or Daltons Premium Lawn Mix which is specially blended to ensure an even spread and improves drainage and soil quality. If it’s a smaller area or patch up job, you can use Daltons Premium Lawn Patching Gold, which has seed, fertiliser, coir and expanding mulch granules all in one bag.
Rake, level and lightly compact your soil prior to sowing the lawn seed. It’s a good idea to sow a mixture of grass varieties to ensure a durable and attractive lawn all year. 
Sprinkle the seed on the surface of the soil in an even pattern walking away from the starting point so you are not standing on the seed (do not cover the seed with top soil). Keep your soil moist, without overwatering, and germination should occur 10-12 days after sowing. When the new lawn is 80mm high you can mow it. Cut it on a high setting for the first two cuts, then with successive cuts gradually lower to eventually reach the grass height you want. 
In Spring apply Daltons Premium Lawn Fertiliser as this will help encourage strong vigorous grass growth in your new lawn.