Garlic in Pots


I am new to gardening and have started my garden in pots around my flat! In terms of garlic, when should this be ready to harvest? I planted it on 21 June in 2017.


Good on you for giving gardening a go - there are plenty of plants you can grow in pots!

Given normal growing conditions, garlic takes approximately 24 weeks to mature. It is often stated with garlic that you plant on the shortest day and harvest on the longest day of the year. However, February/March are the most common months to harvest garlic. Even if the plants are still green and growing vigorously, they should be dug up and placed in a shallow tray to dry and cure.

Remember to plant garlic in friable soil to which compost has been added, and grow in a sunny position with soil that is well drained. Garlic is classified as a light feeder nutrient-wise so there is no need to fertilise as this can result in plenty of foliage and smaller bulbs.

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