What to Grow with Kids


How can I make gardening a more fun experience for my children? What are some good summer plants for them to grow? 


It’s wonderful you want to involve your children in gardening - you are teaching them valuable skills they can use for life. Beans, especially dwarf or climber varieties, are fun for kids to grow. Get them to help make a bean tepee for climber beans and put their name to a side. At the base they can sow their bean (or plant a seedling) and have a competition to see whose grows fastest to the top or has the most beans. 
For instant gratification you can’t go past radishes; simply sow seeds straight into the garden. For tasty tomatoes, try cherry Sweet 100; just make sure you fertilise them well with Daltons Tomato Fert for continuous cropping.
Rewarding to grow and delicious to eat, strawberries are ideal for kids – look to plant them around August/September next year. Although potatoes may not sound exciting to grow, the fun part comes at harvesting time. It’s like a treasure hunt when kids dig up potato surprises hiding under ground. Plant rows and have a competition as to who can grow the most potatoes.
Courgettes are another great choice, as the fruit develops very quickly. Also add flowers like calendulas, marigolds or herbs like thyme or sage etc, which will bring in bees and beneficial insects to help pollination and improve cropping. 
Encourage the children to water, weed and fertilise their patch. Before planting, prepare the soil by adding plenty of Daltons Compost and mix well with existing soil. 

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