Tree Care


I have two trees about 150m apart which each have a large branch which has been dying back over the last year. One is a paper shelled almond and the other is a sterile double pink flowering cherry. Can you help?


It should always be remembered that even very healthy trees will have some dead or dying branches. This can be part of normal growth rather than indicative of a major disease.

However, you should carefully examine the two mature trees. Both almond and cherries often have more deadwood than numerous other deciduous trees.

Check for any signs of physical damage e.g. wind breakage. Check that the branches are not too heavy which may have possibly caused cracking due to the excessive weight in the extremities.

Also, inspect for any insect damage e.g. cicadas or borer. Look for any signs of disease on any remaining leaves or on the branches themselves. We suggest removing the dead branches and inspecting the cut for any signs of internal problems e.g. rotting or borer. Keep trees in good health by applying Daltons Mulch & Grow around the tree.

cherry tree