Small Gardens


I have a small patch of garden in my retirement home with about 5cms of soil on top of clay. I would like to plant some suitable vegetables for myself to enjoy. What suggestions have you?  


With a very small garden area, careful planning is essential to maximise your return. It is important to prioritise what veggies you like best fresh from the garden, and cultivate those. We suggest attaching stakes at the back of the garden on which runner beans, tomatoes, and peas can be attached. Dwarf beans, lettuce, carrots, silver beet, onions, spinach and dwarf tomatoes, like Scoresby Dwarf and Russian Red, are all summer veggies that fit into the smaller garden. 
With smaller gardens, it is very important to stagger your planting times so the veggies are not all ripening at the same time. Continue adding Daltons Compost throughout the growing season with new plantings and around existing plants, as your depth of soil is quite small.
After removing old crops at the end of the season, directly sow a green manure crop such as lupin or mustard. As plants reach 15-20cm high chop them up with a spade and dig them back into the soil. This will improve the organic matter in your soil for the following growing season.