Pruning Daphne Plants


My daphne smells glorious but looks really scruffy. Can I safely prune it and if so how and when?


Daphne, like a number of evergreen shrubs, often look a little scruffy and display light green or yellow leaves towards the end of winter. Basically, this is indicative of the plant ‘running out of nutrients’. Wait until air and soil temperatures rise in spring before applying either Daltons Garden Time Acid Fertiliser or Daltons Garden Time Complete Garden Fertiliser around the base of the plant.

Daphne can be safely pruned. Once again, wait until cold wet weather has finished before commencing any major pruning. To prune, remove any dead or diseased wood and finished flowers before thinning out any dense growth and shortening back by at least a 1/3 all over the bush. This does also depend on the variety you are growing, check with your local garden centre if you need guidance.

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