Growing Moneymaker Tomatoes


I have been growing Moneymaker tomatoes for years and saving the seed from each season. This year I had a huge crop of very small yellow tomatoes with one or two red ones. Should I get fresh seed for next season? 


While saving your own veggie seeds is always an interesting process and one to be encouraged, from the information you have provided it would appear that yes, it is time to purchase some fresh Moneymaker seed or seedlings next spring.


It is quite likely that insect activity in your garden or from neighbouring gardens has led to your tomato plant flowers being pollinated with a different tomato variety - hence the appearance of the yellow coloured tomatoes.


Do not let this dampen your enthusiasm for saving seed from your home veggie garden! Always remember to save the seed from particularly healthy plants that have produced outstanding vegetables. Store the seed in a dry part of the house in paper bags before sowing them in early spring this year using Daltons Premium Seed Mix.

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