Tree Peony


What is the best way of propagating Tree Peony seeds? And how do you move one that has grown too big for its position?


Tree Peonies are typically propagated by grafting onto Herbaceous Peony roots (normal peonies that you can acquire from nurseries). Therefore, you may want to do some experimenting with the timing of seed collection and sowing techniques, as the more traditional peonies are propagated by root division.

To transplant a Tree Peony, try carrying out the process in mid-winter when the plant is not in active growth. Being very careful, dig out as much of the roots as possible. Prepare the new planting site thoroughly with ample amounts of Daltons Compost, as all peonies thrive on organic matter. Shift the plant carefully, providing support if necessary, and firm into position. Ensure it is planted at the same depth that it was previously growing, then add more compost around the base of the plant. Water well after shifting to help reduce possible transplant shock.

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