Transplanting Escallonia


We’ve been advised that our sewer pipes will have to be dug up and replaced. Can I uproot my Escallonia Apple Blossom shrubs and place them perhaps in tubs while the repairs are carried out, then replant them?


Escallonia can be transplanted quite easily compared to many other shrubs. We would suggest cutting back any new growth before transplanting, and carrying out the process during the winter months. The plants can either be placed in large containers or into your veggie garden temporarily. Ensure plants are kept moist throughout the process but do not over water as this can rot young roots. With this species, it is better to be a little drier than over wet.

When you are ready to replant them back into their original spot, add plenty of Daltons Compost to give them the best start and add a layer of mulch on top. After replanting, allow time for the plants to settle (up to two weeks) before applying a side dressing of Daltons Premium Tree & Shrub Fertiliser in spring.

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