Tall Garden Shrubs


I’m wanting to plant tall shrubs in front of my north-facing lounge window as a welcome distraction from a view of my garage, and also along my north-facing large fence. Perhaps a climber or tall shrub/tree. What do you suggest I plant in both areas?


Plants are a wonderful way to soften and transform unsightly spaces or views. In regards to the area in front of your lounge windows, it would be best to use taller upright plants with fine foliage. These could include Nandina domestica, Camellia Sweet Jane and/or Camellia transnokoensis which would be perfect for that spot.

In the area by the fence, there are numerous possibilities that include; espalier fruit trees (growing the tree up a fence and training branches along wire to grow horizontally) like apples, pears, persimmons, or plums. Climbers to consider are the Clematis species, Parthenocissus quinquefolia (virginia creeper), Vitis Amurensis (ornamental grape), Wisteria sinensis (Chinese Wisteria) or Wisteria floribunda (Japanese Wisteria) – which give mauve or white flowers.

You could also try planting a row of flowering camellias with a narrow upright habit, try; ‘Early Pearly’, or ‘Cinnamon Cindy’, ‘Setsugekka’ or ‘White Hibiscus’. These could be planted along the fence as mixed or single species planting.

Preparation of the soil is vital for the success of your new plants. Ensure you dig in plenty of compost and/or garden mix to give them the best start.

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