Replanting Peonies


When would be the correct time to cut back peonies and lift and divide for replanting?


Peonies are best cut back lifted and divided in late autumn/early winter. They do not have to be divided every year; some clumps can even remain undivided for 5-10 years! It is only when the flowers produced are smaller and the stems crowded that they should be lifted and divided.

Prepare new sites well before planting newly divided peonies. Add Daltons Garden TimeTM Compost and some blood and bone to the existing soil. Lift existing plants carefully and divide with a sharp knife or spade. Remove any weak growth or diseased matter.

Plant your new divisions about 700mm to one metre apart with the growing point at ground level or just below the soil surface – DO NOT plant them too deep. This is a common mistake that people make.

Peonies may be planted in full sun or partial shade. Mulch plants in spring with fresh compost or finely crushed bark.

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