Pink Lavender


I like the bunched look of lavender and recently saw some pink rather than the purple ones. We are about to buy a house soon and wanted to know if they were easy to find and grow?


Pink lavenders are usually available at major garden centres. If not then you can either place an order or check online availability from a lavender specialist.

Grow your lavender in a warm, sunny spot in the garden that has very good air movement. Cultural requirements of the pink lavender are the same as for all lavenders. As Mediterranean plants, they prefer a dry, friable, sandy soil which is free draining. To help achieve this you may want to mound the soil where you are planting the lavenders. Also, add plenty of Daltons Compost when planting, as this will also help with drainage.

Plants should be pruned immediately after they have finished flowering to extend their lifespan. Lavender is also ideal for bringing bees into the garden.

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