Can you tell me please why my gypsophila plant was flowering really well for three years, a huge bush of flowers, then died? Branches were going yellow and I lost the plant. Also, I can grow the white ones but when I tried growing pink, they all died. Can you please help?


There are two probable reasons why your gypsophila plants are dying out. As gypsophila means “lime loving”, it is possible that your soil is too acidic. Gypsophila thrives in soils that are slightly alkaline. Applications of lime can assist in remedying this problem.

The other possible cause of death is poor drainage. Most gypsophilas tend to be short lived in wet soils. Ideally plants should be grown in full sun, or light shade and in a rich, fine soil. Once established, it is advisable not to disturb the plant clumps. Cut old stalks back to ground level as the blooms fade to encourage further flowering.

There is no reason why you can cultivate white but not pink gypsophila. Prepare the soil well, ensure there is good drainage and try again in spring with some new pink gypsophilas.

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