Growing Begonia Plants from Cuttings


What is the best way to take cuttings from a begonia? Leave the cutting in water till roots appear or tap it in root hormone gel before planting?


As we are unsure of the exact type of begonia you have we will assume that this is an outdoor shrub type (there are many types). Most begonias are relatively easy to propagate, which involves taking stem cuttings of soft or semi hard wood material. 

Tip cuttings are preferable and should be 3-5cm long. Take ‘nodal cuttings’ by cutting the growth below the leaf bud (at the base) and above the node at the top of the cutting. You can dip the cutting into hormone gel or powders before planting into Daltons Premium Seed Mix if you wish, but it’s not essential. Plant to a depth of ⅓ - ½ the length of the cutting. Keep freshly made cuttings moist but not too wet as this can cause rotting. New roots should appear within 3-4 weeks.

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