Cherry Tree Root Growth


We have three flowering cherry trees in our section. They appear to be sending out roots to other parts of the garden. How can we stop this? Will they damage to our new drive? And does cutting them back affect the trees?


It is quite common for some cherry trees (depending on the root stock they are grafted on), to have suckers or vegetative growth emerging from near ground level and sometimes from the roots of the cherry tree.

This growth should be cut back when it becomes apparent, otherwise it will grow quite quickly and consume energy that would otherwise be available to the flowering cherry.

In some instances, this suckering growth only occurs when trees are quite juvenile, and other times it may continue for a number of years.

There is no danger to the cherry tree in cutting this growth back, in fact quite the opposite. Do not be concerned for your driveway; while the growth you outline is a nuisance, as long as it’s controlled quite quickly and regularly, there should be little or no chance of actual physical damage to surrounding pathways or driveways.

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