Bora in Wisteria

Wisteria iS1155083723XL

Bora in Wisteria

Can you please advise the best course of action for our wisteria? It seems to be infected with borer which we noticed after the wind blew dead branches down.

Almost all wisteria plants over the age of seven to ten years are affected by bora. This is especially noticeable in older plants as the bora holes become larger and dead wood often falls off the climber. 

It would appear that wisteria is tolerant of bora i.e., does not kill the plant or overly affect flowering. However, where possible, squirt bora killer into obvious holes and then seal with clay or putty. While this won’t kill all the bora larvae in your plant, it should significantly reduce the total population. When pruning your wisteria in early winter, remember to make clean cuts to avoid providing points of entry for new bora. 

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