Caring for Cyclamens

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Caring for Cyclamens

I have a Cyclamen which I put outside under a bush when it died off. To my delight it has two fresh healthy leaves, so I have re-potted it and put it on the table in the conservatory. What care should I give it?

Your Cyclamen will be much happier inside where it is cooler, rather than in your conservatory. When grown as an indoor plant, Cyclamen prefer an area of high light, but away from heat sources like fires or heaters. 

You can pop your plant outside for a few days every week to help develop a stronger, sturdier plant and promote flowering. 

Overwatering kills more Cyclamen than any other cause. Always water from the top and use lukewarm water over the winter months. Water until drips appear in the saucer, and only water again when the soil no longer feels damp. 

Deadhead (remove dead flowers) and old leaves that look yellow or droopy, and feed with new Daltons Premium Houseplant Tabs

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