Why Your Tree might have no Fruit


We have lived at our place for about 15 years and our feijoa tree gets tiny little fruit, but they never seem to grow into anything edible. Does it need another feijoa planted with it? What type would be best? 


The reason for your limited fruit could be that you have a seedling feijoa growing as opposed to a cutting grown cultivar (or named variety). The best thing would be to head into your local garden centre and pick up a proven named variety to plant instead – staff should be able to guide you on the best one to grow in your region. 

Feijoas are quite hardy, but they don’t like excessively wet soil. Choose a well drained sunny site for your new tree. Add in plenty of Daltons Compost to the hole you are planting in to. Be sure to feed your tree with side dressings of Daltons incredible edibles® Fruit and Berry Fertiliser in Spring/early Summer, particularly for the first three to four years after planting. 

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