Transplanting Feijoa Trees


We have a 3-year-old feijoa tree and would like to transfer it to another part in our garden. Can you tell us will the tree transplant? What is the best way to do this?


Yes, it is fine to move your Feijoa tree and it should transplant very well. The best time to do this is during winter once it has stopped active growth - this should be around late May to August. It is a good idea to prune the tree back before you move it and when transplanting be sure to take as much of the root as possible. Feijoas grow in most soils so long as there is good drainage; check the new site has this and when planting dig in lots of Daltons Compost.  Do not apply fertiliser yet as the tree needs time to re-establish its root system. Finally, add a thick layer of Daltons Mulch & Grow on the ground around the base of the tree to help protect shallow roots and suppress weeds. 

If it is a seedling tree or not a well known variety, it might be worth considering buying a new plant of a named variety. With seedling trees, the size of tree, timing of fruiting or even the size of fruit the tree produces can be unknown. By choosing a grafted or cutting tree means it is a clone of a named variety and this guarantees it to be true to type as on the label eg: timing and size of fruiting etc. Some great varieties to try are the incredible edibles® Apollo, Gemini, and White or Golden Goose.

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