Mildew on Gooseberries


How is mildew prevented on gooseberries?


Unfortunately gooseberries are particularly prone to mildew, however there are a number of ways you can lessen this problem.  

Gooseberries should be planted in an open situation which has sufficient air movement and high light. Plenty of sunshine hours throughout the day is very important.

Watering should be adequate but overwatering can increase the risk of mildew infection. Try to avoid watering at night and on foliage, as this can encourage mildew spores to spread.

As the plants grow, they may need some thinning as the overlapping of branches and their numerous leaves creates an environment which is very suitable to mildew infection.

Garden is hygiene is very important the end of the season, clear away old leaves etc which can harbour mildew spores and potentially re-infect the next season plants. 

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