Lichen on Fruit Trees


Does moss and lichen on fruit trees cause any problems and what product should I use to remove it? Also, what fertiliser should I use for pip and stone fruit trees?


You have asked a good question, as many people are unsure of what lichen is. Lichen on any trees is actually a sign of clean healthy air and in no way does it have a negative impact on the growth of the tree. Some people do regard lichen as unsightly and wish to remove it, which is easy enough to do.  

If the lichen is on your fruit trees, a winter clean up spray of lime sulphur or copper oxychloride applied in winter strength will very quickly remove the lichen, whilst also cleaning up any overwintering insects or diseases.

Apply Daltons Citrus & Fruit Fert in late October and reapplying every six weeks through till December, recommencing again in late February through late April.

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