Roll-out Lawn Care


Three years ago I had roll-out grass put down. About 2 months ago 80% of the grass died and left the ground bare. What could have killed the grass?  Can I just reseed the area again?


If your lawn has been healthy up until the last few months, then something dramatic must have happened or changed in your garden that has affected your grass. Has there been any drain blockages, flooding or has the soil become excessively damp? It could be the cause of the problem with your rolled lawn becoming waterlogged.
Leave any lawn repair work until the soil warms up, from late September/early October. Then you can over sow the existing lawn after applying Daltons Premium Lawn Mix to a depth of 3cm over the entire area. Roll it gently and then lightly rake it before sowing any grass seed. In regards to the type of lawn seed to sow, to create a durable and attractive lawn all year round it’s a good idea to mix grass seeds because some do well in summer and others in winter. Some grass seeds do better in various parts of NZ so talk to your local garden centre for guidance. If the area you wish to sow is slightly smaller, you can use Daltons Premium Lawn Patching Gold, which has everything you need in one bag; lawn soil, seed and fertiliser.