Growing Thick Lawns


I have used a product to spray the weeds and now have some sparse patches. How do I thicken my lawn and when do I do it? 


While it is rather late for sowing a lawn, soil temperatures do cool slower than air temperatures, so you can still sow some grass seed on the patches in your lawn - but do this immediately!

Spread out Daltons Premium Lawn Soil about 40-50mm deep. Level and compact with a rake, then broadcast the seed evenly over the area. Alternatively, if the areas are small, you can use Daltons Premium Lawn Patching Gold, which has everything in one bag and is very easy to use.

Water lightly to initiate germination, which should occur between seven and ten days. If the weather suddenly becomes very cold or there is exceptionally heavy rainfall, the amount of seed germinating will be somewhat reduced so you will need to repeat the process in early spring of this year.

In general, to obtain the best results when establishing a lawn, grass seed should be sown in early autumn or early spring.