Grass Patching


We have lots of dead patches of grass throughout our lawn and I can’t seem to get rid of them. Is it a fungus or some type of bug?


Assuming that you don’t have an influx of animals using your lawn as a local toilet, the patches may be an infection of grass grub or a fungal disease. Spring is the best time to start any repair work on your lawn. There are two strategies you can take; totally renovate or just treat the infected areas. The first one is more extreme, but if you get a lot of pleasure from your lawn it may be worth renovating it and starting from scratch. Do this by removing all existing grass and introduce some Daltons Premium Lawn Soil. The mix is specially blended to ensure an even spread and improves drainage and soil quality. Then sow with a mixture of fescue and rye grass seeds which will create a durable and attractive lawn all year round. 
The second strategy is to repair the infected areas by removing grass and soil around the damaged area - at least 15cm beyond it. Add to the area Daltons Premium Lawn Patching Gold which has everything you need in one bag e.g. lawn soil, seed and fertiliser, and lightly water.