Sweet Corn Crop


I was disappointed with my sweet corn crop last year. The cobs were not formed properly and had a lot of white kernels. I feel maybe it was something lacking in the soil. They were watered every day in the evening. Can you please give me some tips?


Very simply, the better the soil, the better the crop! This is most applicable to sweet corn out of almost all vegetables. Sweet corn has high nutrient requirements and when these are not met, the results are disappointing. 

In early spring, begin preparing the garden where you wish to grow your sweet corn by adding ample amounts of Garden Time Compost to the existing soil. Continue adding compost until you are ready to sow seed or plant young seedlings. 

As the corn plants grow, apply side dressings (around the sides of the plant) of Garden Time Vegetable Fertiliser. While not having excessive water requirements, make sure the plants don’t dry out completely. If this coming summer proves to be particularly dry, then deep watering once or twice a week will be beneficial. 

Next growing season choose another part of your vegetable garden to cultivate sweet corn as the existing area will be significantly depleted of nutrients. By rotating areas in which you grow sweet corn, continued success should be guaranteed. 

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