Planting Citrus Trees in Pots


I recently bought three citrus trees; Orange Harwood Dwarf (grows 1.5 meters high), Lime Bearss Dwarf (grows 1.5 metres high) and Tangelo Seminole (grows 2.5 metres high).

I’d like to have them in pots which can be moved in the cold winter months. How big a pot should I use and what compost/ pot mix would be best?


Growing citrus trees in containers is possible, especially in colder parts of New Zealand. As all citrus have a substantial root system, you must select containers that are large and feasible to move, such as half wine barrels. Very simply, the bigger the container, the more successful you will be. 

Young plants should be planted into Garden Time™ Daltons Container Mix. It’s free draining and has sufficient nutrients for the first 3-6 months after planting. Side dressings of slow-release citrus fertiliser (try Daltons Garden Time™ Fruit & Citrus Fertiliser) should also be applied over the warmer months.

Ensure the containers have adequate drainage holes and are raised above the deck or patio they are resting on. 

The ‘winter home’ for your citrus should have good light and adequate ventilation.

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