Moving Citrus Trees


When is the best time to move citrus trees?


Winter is the only time when you can safely shift citrus; however the plants should not be too old e.g. no more than 3-4 years, otherwise the chances of successfully shifting them are minimal.

Citrus trees can be one of the more difficult groups of plants to transplant due to their root system. To improve your chances of success, be sure to dig out the largest area away from the trunk that can be physically lifted, thereby reducing the amount of disturbance to the root system.

Immediately plant the lifted citrus tree into a mix of fresh Daltons Compost and top soil or Daltons Premium Garden Mix. Water thoroughly and lightly sprinkle the foliage daily until it is obvious that the tree has been moved successfully.

Citrus are known as ‘heavy feeders’ (a plant that requires more fertiliser and nutrients to grow successfully) and need regular applications of citrus fertiliser. Once the plant has settled, apply Daltons incredible edibles® Citrus Fertiliser just outside the ‘drip line’ of the branches. Dig the fertiliser in lightly and water in well so the tree has the best chance of absorbing the nutrients. 

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