Growing Mandarin Trees


I have been having great difficulty in growing my mandarin tree in Grenada Village. I have used all sorts of products and have consulted my garden book and nurseries. Can you help me?


For citrus trees to grow well, it is essential that they are grown in an open, well drained and exceptionally well sheltered position. If they receive too much wind during the flowering period they will never set fruit. This could be one of the difficulties you are having with your young mandarin tree. 

Citrus plants are known as ‘heavy feeders’ and require a specific citrus fertiliser. Apply regular side dressings of fertiliser from late October to early December, recommencing in late February to early April. This will ensure strong sturdy growth of trees that will start producing regular crops of fruit.

Citrus trees do not transplant very well, so it would be best to select a new site in your garden and plant a new mandarin tree during the late autumn/early winter months when new stock is available from your local plant centre.

There are some varieties of citrus that are more robust than others. For example; the variety Clementine crops in September/October, and Encore is a summer fruiting mandarin. The Satsuma or easy peel mandarins are less hardy in windy conditions. When planting, use copious amounts of compost and add a Daltons Premium Planter Tab to the hole before adding the tree. Your tree should start producing regular crops of fruit 3 - 4 years after planting. 

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