When to Plant Carrots


When is a good time to plant carrots?


Carrots are traditionally grown as a winter crop, but with a little bit of care they can be grown throughout the year. The key to a perfect crop of carrots is soil preparation before planting. They prefer well drained, light, sandy soil and a warm sunny location. Before you plant your carrots, remove any stones, old roots or anything else in the soil that will get in the way of the carrot roots. If there are obstructions, the root will grow around it and into a strange shape (forking), which you want to avoid.
Enrich the soil you are planting in by adding a good quality soil mix such as Daltons Garden Mix or Daltons Vegetable Mix and plenty of Daltons Compost. Don’t plant carrots too close together and always thin seedlings out to stop overcrowding. Relatively easy to look after, carrots only need regular watering to keep them growing rapidly. Avoid over fertilising your carrot plants as you will end up with prolific green tops and no carrots below! 
Top Tip: Sow carrot seeds directly into the garden as they don’t like being transplanted or having their roots disturbed.

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