Caring for Capsicum Plants


Caring for Capsicum Plants

Last summer I had two very productive yellow and orange capsicums growing in my small tunnel house. When they died off in the early winter I cut them back to 100mm and left them there in soil, in the hydroponic pots. Now they are looking nice and leafy again. Should I leave them there to fruit again, or are they really only annuals?

It is feasible they will crop again, but they may not be as good in the second year.  Usually to guarantee healthy, vigorous crops it’s a good idea to plant new specimens each season.  

If you are determined to see if last year’s capsicum plants will crop, it would be wise to also plant a few new specimens to ensure you get some capsicum fruit this season, in case the other older plants fail to produce any.

Ensure you use fresh new potting mix like Daltons Premium Potting Mix when planting young plants so they get the best start. In terms of growing other crops in your tunnel house, you can try aubergines, lettuce, tomatoes etc.