What to do with Tulip Bulbs


I would like to know if it is better to leave tulip bulbs alone or dig them up and transfer them? Mine are in a pot and were spectacular and I want to add more.


If you had a spectacular display last year then you can leave them in the pot for at least the next one to two years. After this time they will require re-potting into a larger container with fresh bulb mix. The best time to do this is in Autumn.

For healthy, vigorous blooms, side dress your plants in the pot with a small amount of bulb fertiliser in early Spring.

If you want to grow tulips in the garden, plant them in a well lit position that has good drainage and let them naturalise. This means letting them multiply over a period of time. Just make sure you label where they are in the garden so they are not damaged or accidently dug up.


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