Growing Obdam Daffodils


I have Obdam (a Double White) daffodils. Each year they have dozens of flowering stems, but only 2-3 ever get to the goose-neck stage. What can I do? 


Because you have been experiencing continued difficulty with this daffodil variety, it might be time to purchase new bulbs. The lack of flowering success could be because the original bulbs may have been of poor quality.

There is no climatic reason why this daffodil shouldn’t thrive in Dunedin, however when planting your new bulbs, ensure they are in the best possible position to achieve success. This means somewhere open, sunny or with dabbled light and friable soil that is well drained. As a guideline, plant the bulbs where you have previous success with other varieties of daffodils. Prepare soil to the depth of 10cm by thoroughly mixing in generous amounts of Daltons Premium Bulb Mix and Daltons Compost

When purchasing new bulbs from your local garden centre inspect them carefully; talk to staff to ensure that you purchase top quality bulbs.

After flowering, leave the foliage to brown and die down naturally to protect the plant and ensure maximum nutrients have been stored for the next seasons flowering.

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