Daffodil Bulbs


Each year since being on our new property we have daffodil leaves come up in the lawn but never any flowers. Is there anything I can do to promote flower growth when I don’t know how long the bulbs have been in the ground?


It’s not ideal to have daffodils growing in the lawn, especially in a densely carpeted and regularly manicured lawn as they can be inadvertently mown just as the flower spikes are beginning to emerge in early spring. They would be better placed in the periphery of your garden where they are less likely to be mown at the critical time.  

You will need to dig up and check the condition of your bulbs. If they are not looking healthy, eg: rotten or infected by insects, then you will need to replace them.  If they look okay then replant them as soon as possible. March/April is the best time to plant new bulbs or replant existing ones. Daltons has a Bulb soil mix specially formulated for planting bulbs, so dig this into your existing soil and mix well before planting. After 8 weeks feed the bulbs with Daltons Premium Bulb Fertiliser to give the bulbs the best start and promote healthy, bright flowers. 

Daffodils flower first, and then green shoots appear, which the plant uses for photosyanthesis. The foliage then browns and some people cut it off too early - this a major reason for reduced flower numbers next season. Be sure to leave the leaves to brown and die down naturally, to protect the plant and ensure maximum nutrients have been stored for the next season’s flowering.

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