Growing Cabbage


Earlier last year I planted 6 mini cabbages and they grew beautifully and looked nice and solid but when they were cut open they had all gone to seed, can you help? 


When cabbages are planted too late in the season they will to go to seed earlier, before they are ready to be harvested.

To avoid this, look to plant your young cabbage plants in late March/early April, in a nice sunny site that has been well prepared with lots of compost mounded above the existing soil so it does not become waterlogged over the winter months. 

By planting at this time of the year, the young plants will establish a good root system before the onset of winter. As cabbages are easier to grow during the winter months, they should develop a dense heart, and not go to seed like your previous years cabbages. Your cabbages should be ready for harvest in late winter.

Cabbage Head iS4094493L $.jpg