Growing Broccoli


I have an 8 year foster boy who loves gardening. It's May and I bought him broccoli plants; he wants to grow them for his two rabbits. Did we plant them too late?


Sounds like you have a budding young gardener. It’s great when children take an interest in gardening as they are learning skills they can use for life.  

Don’t worry, it is actually a perfect time to plant your broccoli. To ensure an ongoing supply of food for the rabbits, every 3-4 weeks plant additional broccoli seedlings up until mid September. Then you can start planting lettuces for them.  

Your young gardener may also want to grow some carrots as they are a rabbit’s favourite food. You can plant these now. The main success of winter vegetables is good soil preparation before planting. Dig in plenty of compost with existing soil and mix it in to about one spade deep.