Clubroot on Vegetables


Lately, one spot in my garden has been affected by possibly ‘clubroot’. I have been advised to plant different veggies there and/or spread dolomite lime. Is this correct?


Clubroot mainly affects Brassicas such as cabbages and cauliflowers. This disease can be identified by the appearance of thick, swollen roots that prevent healthy growth of the host plant. You are correct in stating that applications of dolomite lime are a successful mean of controlling clubroot.

Crop rotation in your veggie garden would also be a good idea. Remember that if the same crop is grown in the same area, in the same ground for several years in succession, two undesirable things can happen. First, the same plant nutrients are taken continually from the soil and second, if the particular crop being grown has a disease that is present in the soil, in this case club root, then the disease will be encouraged to multiply in the ground.

Leave applying generous quantities of the dolomite lime to your garden until spring (when preparing your summer veggie garden), rather than applying it in winter when most of the lime will be washed away.