Raspberry Bud Moth


I would like some help with my raspberries please. Last season I had an invasion of little white grubs in the fruit. What can I do to stop this happening again?


From your description, it sounds like your raspberry plant was attacked by the larvae of the raspberry bud moth - a common problem when cultivating raspberry plants. The larvae of this moth tunnel into and damage the canes, eat the fruit bud and the fruit itself. Careful attention to garden hygiene can lessen outbreaks of this problem.

As raspberries are to be eaten, you do not want to spray them with toxic chemicals. Derris Dust can be used as it is quite safe and effective in controlling the larvae and other insects that may be attracted to you raspberry plants. You could also try spraying with Neem Oil.

Remember, raspberry canes are biennial, they grow one year, fruit the following year, and then should be removed in February when the fruiting has finished. Thin out new seasons canes as there is often prolific growth of young canes in mid-late summer. Remove and destroy all pruned canes to ensure there is no additional site for any overwintering raspberry bud moths and their larvae.

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