I have a garden of raspberries but for a few years they don't seem to grow fruit.  After pruning I put Sheep Pellets and Pea Straw around it. What can I do?


There are two main things that could be contributing to your raspberry plant’s lack of fruit. Firstly the age of the bush, and secondly how you are pruning it. Canes older than two years usually produce little or no raspberries. When it comes to pruning, in general for home growers, it’s best to cut back the canes right back to ground level at the end of the growing season.

You may want to consider planting a new bush and it would be worthwhile to look at alternative cultivars. Each region has a specific variety that does well in that area and suits the conditions. For further information on varieties that do well in your area go to www.edible.co.nz. Some varieties to try are: Aspiring, Ebony, Ivory, Waiau.

When you are planting new raspberry bushes, add in a good quality soil mix to give them the best start. Apply fertiliser in Spring and again in early Summer to help produce strong healthy plants. Be careful not over fertilise as you will produce more vegetative growth at the expense of your fruit.

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