Blueberries not Fruiting


Blueberries not Fruiting

I have Blueberry plants in pots, and they have produced well the last two years. In spite of fertilising with acid food they have failed to produce berries this season. Why?

There are two possible reasons why your blueberries have not produced berries this year. It is quite likely that the plants have become root bound in the pots, causing difficulties in the uptake of nutrients and water. 

The second reason could simply be insufficient watering. If blueberries become dry early in the season, flowers and young developing berries will fall from the plant. While dryness doesn't necessarily kill the blueberry growing in a pot, the result is limited or no berries in that season. We recommend repotting the blueberries into larger containers with fresh Garden Time™ Outdoor Container Mix, or plant the blueberries in your garden, in a sunny, sheltered position. 

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