I planted pea seed late September but the plants are only about 20cms tall. How can I give them a boost now and what do I need to do next season to get peas for Christmas dinner?


Peas, like most vegetables, grow only as well as the soil that is prepared prior to planting and the care they are given as they grow. They can be grown all year round and prefer a rich, viable soil that is well drained, in position of full sunlight.

To have fresh peas on the Christmas table is not an easy task because of the weather variables of Spring and early Summer. Try planting a little earlier next year as peas continue cropping for a considerable period once they have begun to mature.

With your existing peas, apply side dressings of Daltons Goldcote Vegetable and Herb Fertiliser and give them a deep watering (at least twice a week). This should speed up their rate of growth and ultimately result in crops of juicy peas.

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