Aphids on Chives


I have grown chives but over the last 2 years I have had no success at all. The plant outside became covered in black aphids and had an ant outpost underneath the soil. The second plant was in a container and still had black aphids. Even trying a plant indoors was unsuccessful - very weak and unhappy. What can I do?


It may be a good idea to select a different place in the garden to grow your chives. Choose a site that is sunny and has well drained soil. Add in Daltons Premium Garden Mix which will help with drainage and provide nutrients. As the chives mature, at the first sight of aphids (if they do reoccur), wash them off with a hand sprayer or a low pressure water hose. Do this 3-4 times daily in succession which will break up the cycle of infection. 
In addition you may wish to try growing garlic chives instead, which is the same as normal chives apart for slightly garlicky flavour. This variety tends to be slightly more resistant to black aphids. 
If you are growing your chives in pots, always remember to change the soil each year, and start off any new plants in fresh potting mix. Use a good quality potting mix like Daltons Premium Tub Mix, as this contains well balanced, slow release nutrients that have moisture retaining qualities to stop your plants from drying out. 

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